A Mud and Routes Photoshoot With a Purpose

I’m often out on the hills of Snowdonia of an evening, it’s the one advantage of living on the edge of this National Park (a decent broadband connection is not).  So it was great to get out on the hill as a full team; Tryfan, myself and our latest team member: Nia.

While the purpose of most of these walks is simply to Get Outside, exercise and perform a general re-boot of the stressed post-work mind, we sometimes have to undertake some ‘real’ work for Mud and Routes. It’s not all fun and games. It’s fun, games and a pint or two after as a rule.


Today’s purpose was to get a photoshoot arranged for some Solomon running kit, as well as some RAB kit that Nia was reviewing for Mud and Routes. Or that’s what we thought!

On the way up the PYG Track on the flanks of Snowdon, we stopped like everyone else in order to have a look at the Search and Rescue helicopter. Clearly our looking for someone. It’s just the done thing. Ooh – helicopter, let’s stop, point, then carry on. Then someone told us that someone had broken an ankle at some vague point further up the path, and with one Mountain Rescue team member, one Mountain Leader and one person named after a Mountain we thought we ought to pop up and have a nosy.


It was a good thing we did. Some guy had a broken ankle, and because they hadn’t actually been able to explain properly to Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team where they were, the team were looking for them on the other side of the mountain. So one Mountain Rescue Team member managed to get the message through her team members to the proper people while I purposefully waved my bright orange Salomon wind-proof in order to gain the attention of the helicopter.


It makes us wonder how much longer they would have been waiting for rescue had we not decided to investigate.

If you call Mountain Rescue, make sure you know where you are!

A bright item of clothing can be essential to signal a helicopter

It makes a change to get out for a walk that turns out to have a purpose that’s more than just fun. Though we think the images for the photo shoot came out pretty well in the end!

In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt – Purpose.


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