Genes and other spirally things

That’s it, the name’s out. What does it mean?  It probably made sense in around 1992 when the idea came to me. Now, after a few rewrites and years of total inaction, maybe I’m not so sure.

Is a blog like this an opportunity to post what’s almost half a novel thwarted by ennui on the unsuspecting world?

It’ll be cool to find out.  All I do know is that I used to despise the film Men in Black for stealing my neoroeraser. Now. Well. All fiction cannibalises parts from elsewhere and originality is the exception not the rule. So maybe I’m not so bothered.

So it really does look like Trotski Jones and his friends will finally see the light of day. Perhaps I no longer care what opinions others will have, considering that odds on I’m over half way through my allotted quota of life and it’s ad good a time as any to give it a go.

Or maybe it’s just the port talking. Watch this space and find out.


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