This Week I shall be Mostly Reviewing..

That’s one bonus with Mud and Routes, I get to play with shiny new kit. Of course, I then end up having to write a review about them at some point!

Probably the strangest item we’ve reviewed is a Tub of Spam. I’m currently working on a brief article on a few camping recipes. The ones I’ve tried already aren’t half bad!


How about a toasted sandwich while camping? Well the Diablo does just that. We’ll be doing more than just toasties in this to prove that they don’t just call it a Pie Iron for nothing.

Of course, you’ll need to wash it down with something. That’s where the Hydro Flask comes in. So far, we’re impressed but need to see if it justifies it’s £25 price tag.

In the works for some time, but nearly at the light of day is the Sawyer filter. Pretty nifty bit of kit.


Socks are hard work. But at least Bridgedale socks are comfortable. There’s just not a lot to say except to enjoy the view!


Finally – a map made of cloth. The SplashMap is just that and we’re still getting used to the idea!



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